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Fireplace And Chimney

A fireplace is a vital part of a home. It’s a place where the whole family can get together and enjoy a cozy crackling fire. The fireplace is an asset that needs to be well-maintained since it has the potential to increase the value of a home.

With a fireplace comes great responsibility. To ensure it’s working safely and effectively, it’s important to understand how it functions and its important terms:


The cap of the fireplace is the roof of the chimney. It protects the system by preventing rainfall from entering the chimney. The metal mesh keeps debris, animals, and insects at bay too.


If rainfall does get into the system, it lands on the chimney crown. This crown extends from the flue pipe of the cap to the edge of the chimney. The ideal material for the crown is metal mesh within the mortar for a stable foundation.


The flue refers to the shaft that lets smoke out of the fireplace so that it doesn’t spread indoors. The flue goes all the way from the bottom of the chimney to the crown.

Flue liner

The flue liner is meant to protect the flue from corrosive materials. It also keeps toxic gases out of your home, maintaining the indoor air quality. The liner also provides a smooth surface so that the fumes can flow easily.


The chimney is structure built from the fireplace to the roof of your home. Masonry chimneys are generally on the exterior, but in some cases can be on the interior too.

Smoke chamber

The area above the firebox and below the entrance of the flue is where the smoke collects, therefore known as the smoke chamber. This chamber has a shelf that prevents the smoke from going back into the fireplace and the home. This inverted shaped funnel directs the smoke upwards and outwards via the chimney.


A metal plate that controls the opening and closing of the flue is known as the damper. A throat damper is located between the firebox and smoke chamber while the top-seal damper prevents airflow.


The firebox is more commonly known as the fireplace. This is the place where the logs burn and provide warmth indoors. The firebox is made of firebricks and refractory mortar that prevents the rest of your home from getting overheated.

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