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Keep Your Dryer Vents Clean and Protect Your Home From Fires

Dryer vents are a serious fire hazard. FEMA claims that clogged dryer vents cause 34% of dryer fires in the US.

Homeowners often forget that their dryer vents need to be cleaned regularly to prevent the buildup of lint. Lint consists of small fibers that are shed by the edges of garments placed in the dryer. This lint collects in the machine and its pipes.

Lint from the dryer needs to be removed for it to operate efficiently, and dryer vents must be cleaned every few months to prevent fires.

We can help you keep your family and home safe with our dryer vent cleaning services. Our team extracts all the lint and debris collected in your dryer vents, so it runs smoothly and is no longer a fire hazard.

If you have to repeat your drying cycle a few times to dry clothes and find excessive amounts of lint in your dryer, its vents probably need to be cleaned.

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There are approximately 16,000 house fires from dryer vents per year in the United States alone.  Lack of dryer and duct maintenance is the leading cause of dryer fires.  Dryer lint is cited as he leading material to ignite.

Dryer vents should be cleaned and inspected every year.

We use specialized equipment with a blower system to properly clean your dryer duct from the connection in the laundry room to the termination cap outside.  Our flexible poles with brushes attached snake through the duct from one end all the way through to the other end,  while powered by a drill spinning and scrubbing the entire interior surface of the duct. We clean the flexible hose that attaches to the dryer and wall connection, and we clean the termination cap. Once we complete the cleaning, we test the air flow to ensure that there are no clogs left behind.

Prevent dryer fires and extend the life of your dryer by having your dryer vent cleaned and inspected by Chimney and Dryer Vent Services.