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Fireplace and Chimney Maintenance During Spring

“Hi, my name is Raquel. I recently moved to a new house in Cumming, GA. I like to keep my property well-maintained and looking for advice. My previous property didn’t have a fireplace so I’m not sure when’s the best time to carry out the maintenance for the fireplace and chimney of my home. People usually do it right before the winter, but I read in a magazine that spring and early summer is the best time to conduct an annual inspection and cleaning of these areas. Kindly advise. Thanks!”

Hi Raquel,

Thanks for your question. We actually get this question asked a lot.

While a lot of people carry out maintenance during the winter season, spring is arguably the best time to conduct an annual inspection and cleaning for your chimney and fireplace.

Here are the top reasons for that, which you might find useful:

Fireplace and Chimney Maintenance During Spring

Chimney Maintenance

  • Avoid chilly nights: The last thing you’d want in a cold winter night is dealing with a non-functional, faulty fireplace. You might have to spend more than a day until to get it fixed in case there’s a snowstorm or the damage is excessive. If you perform maintenance earlier, a technician will inspect and repair any damage that might cause problems later on, which will help you avoid facing such difficulties.


  • Save money: Leaving fireplace and chimney damage unaddressed can cause it to exacerbate and lead to bigger issues. For instance, mold can grow rapidly and compromise the structural integrity of your home. You might end up paying more money in costly repairs than you’d pay to a technician who’ll diagnose the problem and perform timely repairs.


  • Availability: Most people tend to delay their chimney and fireplace maintenance until winter. So, you’ll find it difficult to get a hold of certified and professional technicians. You’ll either have to compromise on your schedule or wait for an extended period of time to get an appointment. On the other hand, you can easily find a professional during spring.


  • Safety: After surviving a tough winter, your fireplace and chimney can accumulate debris and pollutants, which can cause an obstruction and block the vents. It can present several health and safety hazards like carbon monoxide poisoning, residential fire, mold growth, and more. Carry out fireplace and chimney maintenance during spring and summer will help ensure the safety of your loved ones.

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