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Chimney Odor
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Though fireplaces and chimneys make your home more cosy and comfortable, they require maintenance to ensure they work well. In certain situations, chimneys tend to develop a strong odor that’s unpleasant for inhabitants. Chimney odours are most likely to occur during the rainy season or summertim...
Buying A Home With A Chimney
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A fireplace is a common amenity home seekers look for when buying a house. It comes in handy during the fall and winter months, depending on the weather in an area. They provide a cozy and comfortable space within the home for the family to enjoy together. Winters in Georgia tend to be quite harsh...
Chimney Leaks
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A fireplace is a valuable asset in homes and for good reasons. Not only does it add warmth and comfort for the inhabitants, but it also adds to the market value of the home. Fireplaces do bring care and maintenance along with its cozy warmth. Over time, the fireplace and chimney are bound to requir...