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Buying A Home With A Chimney

A fireplace is a common amenity home seekers look for when buying a house. It comes in handy during the fall and winter months, depending on the weather in an area. They provide a cozy and comfortable space within the home for the family to enjoy together.

Winters in Georgia tend to be quite harsh and therefore, fireplaces and chimneys are high on the list of requirements for home seekers.

If you are buying a home with a chimney, here are some things you need to know before hand:

You need to have the chimney and fireplace inspected

chimney and fireplace

Before making the decision to buy any home you first inspect it to determine any potential issues. When viewing a home with a chimney, make sure the chimney and fireplace are also inspected. Home inspectors don’t have the required skills to determine whether a particular chimney system is built correctly. Hence the Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends a level-two chimney inspection when the home is put on the market.

During this chimney inspection which is done by a professional, the chimney along with the fireplace will be inspected. Areas of the chimney that are accessible via the roof are also inspected. A specialized camera is let down the chimney to check its condition and look for any blockages.

The fireplace required professional cleaning and regular maintenance

Poor chimney maintenance and dirty chimneys are the main causes of residential fires. When the firewood is burned, the smoke produced leaves behind a sticky substance known as creosote. This material is highly flammable and causes residential fires that lead to considerable damage and put lives at risk.

Chimney cleaning by a professional is essential to remove this substance from the chimney and ensure the fireplace is safe to use. It’s also vital to point out that removing creosote is a tricky process and requires specialized tools that homeowners don’t often have on hand.

Learn how to correctly use the system

All appliances vary from system to system, so will your new fireplace. Before you begin using it, learn how to correctly operate it and learn about its maintenance too. You need to understand the kin of fuels you can burn and how to use dampers.

Make sure smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are installed all over the home to keep your family safe.

Have the fireplace and chimney inspected by our experts when buying a home. We at Chimney & Dryer Vent Services LLC provides dryer vent cleaning as well as fireplace repairs. We are a fully certified, insured, and licensed company that provides services at affordable rates. Call us at (678) 709-6380 to get started!

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