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A smoking chimney in Gainesville 

Being familiar with common chimney jargon can allow you to communicate better with your chimney company in Gainesville. Here are some of the common chimney terms you should know about.


The firebox is the actual place where you burn wood. The fireplace is designed to radiate most of the heat inside the house while allowing smoke to escape from the chimney.


The throat is a small opening above the firebox that allows smoke to pass through while keeping heat loss to a minimum.

Smoke Chamber

The smoke chamber is a section above your firebox where smoke cools down before elevating through the chimney. This allows more heat into your house and limits energy loss. The smoke chamber also keeps smoke from drifting back into your house due to wind. This section also keeps debris and rain from falling directly into your firebox.


Smoke drifting back into your house due to wind is called backdraft.


The flue is the part of your chimney that allows smoke to elevate and escape.

Flue Lining

The flue is covered with tiles to prevent mold growth and limit creosote accumulation. This layer is called flue lining.


Creosote is a black flammable substance in smoke that accumulates in your chimney and causes chimney fires. If you haven’t gotten your chimney cleaned in a year, call a professional for a chimney sweep in Gainesville asap.


Masonry is the concrete that makes up the flue and the rest of the chimney.


Flashing are sheets of metal installed beneath your roofing and on your chimney’s base to keep water from absorbing through the chimney.


The crown is a concrete cover at the top of your chimney that allows the chimney cap to sit.

A chimney in Gainesville that needs repairs

Chimney Cap

A chimney cap is a protective covering that goes over the crown. Chimney caps are designed to allow smoke out while keeping water and other debris from getting in through your chimney.

There you have it. Now you’re ready for a productive conversation with chimney professionals. At Chimney and Dryer Vent Services, we have a record of customer satisfaction for our chimney services in Gainesville. We’re also most trusted by our customers for our dryer vent cleaning services in Gainesville.

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