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A modern gas fireplace

Are you still using firewood for your fireplace? Gas logs are a superior option in almost every way. They’re safer, better for health, cost-effective, and less harmful to the environment.

At Chimney & Dryer Vent Services, we offer a range of chimney and fireplace-related services in Gainesville. We always recommend our customers upgrade to gas logs. Here are some reasons why.

Gas Fireplaces Are Safer

Even though fireplaces and chimneys are designed to ensure fire safety, chimney fires aren’t unheard of. Firewood can cause creosote to accumulate in your chimney flue, a highly flammable substance responsible for most chimney fires. Gas fireplaces don’t produce creosote and are much safer. Gas log fires are also more controlled, which lowers fire risk. However, gas fireplaces can lead to other buildups, so you still need regular inspections and cleaning.

Firewood Produces More Carbon Dioxide

Gas fireplaces use methane, the smallest and simplest hydrocarbon in nature. Methane requires little energy for an ignition and produces a good amount of energy as heat. On the other hand, wood is made up of complex hydrocarbons that take a good amount of energy to break before they release heat.

Some amount of the heat produced in wood burning is continuously being used to keep the reaction going. This means wood produces more CO2 for the same energy, making it worse for the environment.

Firewood is Harmful To Health

Wood combustion produces a range of molecules in addition to carbon dioxide and vapor. Many of these compounds are harmful to humans as they can impair lung function and increase your risk of infectious diseases. Gas combustion is much safer for health.

Close-up of a gas fireplace

Gas Logs Save You Money

Gas logs require an initial investment, but you’ll easily make up for the installation costs with savings. Gas fireplaces don’t require maintenance as frequently as wood fireplaces. Gas may also be cheaper than wood, depending on where you live. Taking improved safety into account, gas logs are easily a worthy investment.

At Chimney & Dryer Vent Services, we offer a range of gas logs services in Gainesville, including installation and repairs. We can replace your old fireplace with beautiful gas log sets from Real Fyre. In addition, we offer chimney sweep, cleaning, and repair services in Gainesville.

Want to upgrade to gas logs with the help of local professionals? Get in touch now!

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