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Important Fireplace And Chimney Terms To Know

Fireplace And Chimney

A fireplace is a vital part of a home. It’s a place where the whole family can get together and enjoy a cozy crackling fire. The fireplace is an asset that needs to be well-maintained since it has the potential to increase the value of a home.

With a fireplace comes great responsibility. To ensure it’s working safely and effectively, it’s important to understand how it functions and its important terms:

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Fireplace and Chimney Maintenance During Spring

Fireplace and Chimney Maintenance During Spring

“Hi, my name is Raquel. I recently moved to a new house in Cumming, GA. I like to keep my property well-maintained and looking for advice. My previous property didn’t have a fireplace so I’m not sure when’s the best time to carry out the maintenance for the fireplace and chimney of my home. People usually do it right before the winter, but I read in a magazine that spring and early summer is the best time to conduct an annual inspection and cleaning of these areas. Kindly advise. Thanks!”

Hi Raquel,

Thanks for your question. We actually get this question asked a lot.

While a lot of people carry out maintenance during the winter season, spring is arguably the best time to conduct an annual inspection and cleaning for your chimney and fireplace.

Here are the top reasons for that, which you might find useful:

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Buying a New Fireplace? 3 Things That You Must Consider Before You Start Shopping

Buying a New Fireplace

Are you planning to buy a new fireplace for your home?

That’s a great choice! It adds beauty and elegance to your living space and allow you to keep your house nice and warm.

But before you start shopping, here are three things that you must consider to pick a perfect fireplace for your home:

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3 Ways to Be More Eco-Friendly Around the House

Eco-Friendly Around the House

Do you want to make some eco-friendly upgrades to your home?

That’s a great idea! Having an eco-friendly home can change your quality of life as well as play part combat against global warming and save the planet.

We’ve got three great ideas to minimize your carbon footprint and reduce your impact on the environment. Let’s check them out!