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Buying a New Fireplace

Are you planning to buy a new fireplace for your home?

That’s a great choice! It adds beauty and elegance to your living space and allow you to keep your house nice and warm.

But before you start shopping, here are three things that you must consider to pick a perfect fireplace for your home:

How much heat do you want?

large room fireplace

It’s essential that you understand your heating requirements before you start the buying process.

First, you need to determine the size of area you want to heat to pick a suitable fireplace. For instance, a low-power fireplace won’t heat a large, say 1000 square feet, space.

On the other hand, a large room fireplace for a small space will not be cost- and energy-efficient option.

Once you know your heating requirement, you’ll need to pick a model that provides sufficient heating to keep your space warm.

The total heat produced by a fireplace is different than the heat available for your space so make sure to do your homework properly.

Choosing the right-sized fireplace will also help save unnecessary energy costs.

Where do you want to install a new fireplace?

The default choice to install a new fireplace is where the previous fireplace was installed, but it’s not always an optimal choice. Also, some homes don’t have a fireplace to begin with.

Hence, it’s crucial to decide where you want to install your new fireplace. They can be installed in just about any wall of your home.

You should pick a spot wisely to ensure optimal heating while keeping aesthetical appeal of your space in mind.

Unlike central air, which wastes a lot of energy heating your entire home, fireplaces heat specific area of your home, i.e., area near the fireplace.

Therefore, you must think carefully when choosing a location for your new fireplace. A professional technician will help you select an ideal spot.

Should you buy gas logs or wood-burning fireplaces?

People often have hard time figuring out whether they should purchase a wood-burning fireplace or gas logs.

Well, it boils down to your preference. Many people prefer wood-burning fireplaces due to their aesthetical appeal and earthy, nostalgic feel.

But they can be messy and require frequent maintenance. Moreover, you’ll have to purchase, store, and load woods in the firebox.

So, if you don’t mind taking regular care of your fireplace and love the aroma of burning logs, it’s the right choice.

However, if you don’t want to carry out extra work involved in maintaining and running a wood-burning fireplace, you can always opt for gas logs.

They’re easy to control and require little to no maintenance. Gas logs come in attractive and realistic designs, which can give lifelike appeal to your hearth.

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