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Eco-Friendly Around the House

Do you want to make some eco-friendly upgrades to your home?

That’s a great idea! Having an eco-friendly home can change your quality of life as well as play part combat against global warming and save the planet.

We’ve got three great ideas to minimize your carbon footprint and reduce your impact on the environment. Let’s check them out!

Install LED lights

LED lights

LED bulbs are power-efficient devices that consume less power per unit of light emitted than compact fluorescent and incandescent lights.

In fact, LED lights are up to 75% more efficient than traditional lighting. Also, LEDs emit a lower amount of carbon dioxide.

It can add up to significant energy savings, which help reduce greenhouse emissions as well as lower your monthly energy bills.

Furthermore, more than 95% of LEDs can be recycled as they contain no toxic elements, making them an extremely eco-friendly addition to your home.

Other benefits include:

  • Long life span
  • Exceptional color range
  • High brightness and intensity

Add solar panels

solar panels

Solar panels are a sustainable, environmental-friendly choice that enables you to generate electricity from sunlight, the cleanest source of energy.

It can significantly cut down your reliance on the power grid, which means lower energy consumption from the traditional source without compromising on your lifestyle.

Minimizing your energy consumption help reduce air pollution, slow climate change, and lead to a more stable energy future.

Solar panels also allow you to offset energy costs, which means you can recover your investment in a few years.

Gas logs

Fireplaces are often the focal point of a living room. Converting your wood-burning stove to gas by using gas logs is a brilliant eco-friendly that comes with several benefits.

For starters, gas logs help reduce your impact on the environment. As per the Environmental Protection Agency, gas logs produce fewer emissions because they burn natural gas or propane.

Moreover, gas logs can save you a tremendous amount of time and money. They’re easier to maintain and eliminate the need to buy expensive firewood.

In addition to that, modern gas logs look incredibly realistic and come in a wide array of wood types such as oak, aspen, etc.

An attractive and premium-quality gas log set can provide comfort, warmth, and awe-inspiring ambiance to your home.

Do you want to upgrade your traditional wood fireplace with a new gas log set? Chimney & Dryer Vent Services LLC can help! Based in Cumming, We’re a fully certified, insured, and licensed company that provides reliable gas log installation, repair, maintenance, and chimney cleaning services at competitive rates. Call us at (678) 709-6380 to book an appointment.