Rain dripping off of the roof.

Moisture can be a huge problem for your chimney. Many people underestimate it, but your masonry could silently be going through major problems without you knowing it. In most cases, you need an expert with an eye for technicalities. If it rains or snows in your area and you’ve got a chimney, these are some issues that you could face:

Icicles Cause Long-Term Problems

Icicles form during snowstorms, and it’s important that they don’t form any structures on the chimney. Icicles develop ice dams, leading to major problems for your masonry over time. As the snow melts, the water can trickle down into the chimney instead of dropping off the roof. This can cause your chimney to degrade fairly quickly.

Water Damages Masonry

Even without ice dams developing in the masonry, snow can still get inside the chimney. If you have an older or unmaintained chimney that has structural problems, water from numerous external sources can get inside.

The most damage comes from snow and water freezing inside the cracks of the chimney. It can cause the bricks and masonry to suffer from deformities in the structure, leading to major structural complications.

Keeping Your Chimney Safe

Thankfully, you can take various steps to ensure your chimney is safe from snow and ice damage. Having appropriate flashing on the roof and chimney can seal the chimney to stop a lot of the water from outside from leaking in.

Rain dripping off of the roof.

Experts also recommend a chimney cap. It can keep most of the debris and a host of other external elements from coming in, while smoke can easily flow out of the chimney.

Professional Services

If snow and cold weather are common in your area, it’s smart to have chimney inspections. The chimney sweep will take a look at your chimney’s structure and find various issues. They will also recommend different steps that you can take to remedy these problems.

An unsecured chimney can be costly in the long run. Get experts to provide the necessary services and solutions. If you need a chimney inspection in Gainesville to have your chimney looked at, our experts, Chimney and Dryer Vent Services LLC, will be there to help you out.

Reach out to us for fireplace repairs and gas logs service in Gainesville.

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