Three chimneys on top of the house

Installing new items in your house is not the end of it; you have to take care of them as well. Whether it’s a new TV or a fireplace, everything needs cleaning to function for a long time. If you’re someone who does not think much about cleaning their chimney, then you’re making a huge mistake. The soot and debris can gather in the chimney, causing blockages.

Water can easily penetrate through chimneys and damage them from the inside. To save yourself from expensive repairs, following some easy steps is best to waterproof your chimney.

Step #1: Measure and Clean the Chimney

You first need to identify how much material you will need to waterproof the chimney. You need to measure the area from all sides to find it out. Once it’s done, the next step is to clean the chimney to remove all dirt, stains, mold, rust, etc., before applying the water repellent. Use a bristle brush to scrub off all areas to clean the chimney. After cleaning, wait for 24-48 hours to dry it off.

Step #2: Do the Basic Repairs

Soot coming out of the house chimney

There’s a huge possibility that there are a few cracks in the chimney. Find out the faults in the chimney and cater to them with good quality products. If the issue is too big, then it’s best to call a professional for it.

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Step #3: Use a Breathable Water Repellent and Apply It

Treating chimneys with sealers can produce plenty of problems for the chimney. As the temperature changes, the sealer either freezes out or melts outs of the brick and mortar joints, causing the bricks’ faces to fall off. It is known as spalling which can be avoided by treating chimneys with breathable water repellent.

The water repellent is applied with the help of a pump-up garden sprayer. You need to re-apply it after 2-5 minutes and leave it for about six to seven hours to dry.

Step #4: Clean After Work

After the whole process, clean around and inside the chimney for a final touch. Clean all the supplies from the rooftop and remove the drop cloths as well.

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